Inqud Reveals Significant Upgrades to Its Crypto Widget and System for Improved Business Transactions

Jan 21, 2024


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  • Key System Updates and Their Benefits

  • Improvements in Internal Functions

  • Customization of the Main Screen

  • Expanded Reporting Functionality

  • Session Duration Settings

  • Modifications have been made to the crypto address management mechanism

  • True Name Implementation

  • About Inqud

Inqud, a prominent financial technology company, unveils crucial updates to its system and the Crypto Widget. These enhancements focus on optimizing cryptocurrency transactions for businesses globally, making them more efficient and user-friendly.

Inqud’s Crypto Widget, renowned for streamlining cryptocurrency transactions in the business sector, has undergone substantial improvements. These updates are particularly advantageous for industries such as gambling, where the issue of chargebacks is prevalent. Utilizing Inqud’s enhanced crypto widget enables efficient management and prevention of chargebacks, thereby aiding businesses in lowering expenses and augmenting revenue. A key aspect of Inqud’s service is its personalized approach to client interaction, offering custom crypto solutions designed to meet the specific needs of each client. For those seeking beyond generic market offerings, Inqud’s tailored solutions are the ideal choice.


Key System Updates and Their Benefits:

The creation process of a crypto widget has been significantly streamlined in Inqud's latest update, now requiring only the widget's name and status. This enhanced simplicity is crucial for businesses eager to integrate crypto payments swiftly without navigating complex setup procedures.

Moreover, Inqud has introduced a new profile view that consolidates all widget settings, simplifying management and allowing for customization based on individual needs. Additionally, the updated system enables direct domain addition within the widget profile, thereby easing domain management and offering businesses more control over their payment gateways.


In the upcoming release, we are implementing a new design for the Inqud service, fully corresponding to our fresh corporate style.


Inqud has significantly revamped its registration process, now enabling seamless and independent registration for both personal and business accounts.

The latest update from Inqud brings a major enhancement to the verification process for business accounts. It simplifies the Know Your Business (KYB) procedures, allowing users to complete them effortlessly and directly on the platform.

When registering a business account, users can undertake the KYB process conveniently and securely through Inqud's service. The entire verification process is streamlined and typically completed within an average timeframe of three days.

Improvements in Internal Functions:

Now users can not only view individual currency balances but also see a consolidated balance overview for all assets. This is made possible by incorporating Inqud’s internal exchange rates. The ability to convert the total balance into USD and EUR significantly improves the understanding of the overall asset value.

Customization of the Main Screen:

The new update adds the ability for all users to customize their main screen, improving user experience and interface clarity.

  1. Users can now choose to display only selected currencies, making the interface more manageable and visually appealing.

  2. Hiding Zero-Balance Assets

  3. Separation of Fiat and Crypto-Currency Lists

  4. Users have the option to sort assets either alphabetically or by value, facilitating easier navigation and analysis of their financial portfolio.

This all creates opportunities for our clients to work conveniently and quickly.

Expanded Reporting Functionality

Users now benefit from a more extensive selection of options for generating reports. This enhancement includes the flexibility to choose specific currencies, statuses, and transaction types, coupled with the advantage of selecting an unlimited date range for comprehensive report customization.


Inqud has recently revamped its Profile section, dividing it into two distinct parts: ‘Profile’ and ‘Settings’, to enhance user experience and organizational efficiency.

Session Duration Settings

New functionality for session duration settings has been implemented, enhancing both security and user customization.

  1. By default, user sessions will now automatically end after 30 minutes of inactivity. This default setting is designed to provide an optimal balance between convenience and security, ensuring that user sessions are not left open and vulnerable if forgotten.

  2. Users now have the ability to tailor the duration of their sessions according to their individual preferences and needs. This added flexibility allows users to choose a session length that best suits their working style, whether they prefer shorter sessions for increased security or longer ones for uninterrupted workflow.

The email notification functionality has been expanded, now encompassing essential system alerts such as password changes, modifications to API tokens, and updates related to Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) settings. Additionally, users will receive timely notifications about the expiration of blockchain addresses and can customize their own alerts for successful account logins, creation of new blockchain addresses, and new payment transactions, with options to specify notification types based on particular operations.

Modifications have been made to the crypto address management mechanism:

The management of blockchain addresses has seen a substantial improvement with the latest updates to their usage conditions. Now, any blockchain address issued remains active for a year from the date of the last recorded activity. Should there be no activity for a year, these addresses will automatically expire. Crucially, clients will be notified two weeks prior to the expiration of an address and again when it actually expires. This update ensures enhanced management and heightened awareness regarding the status of their crypto addresses.

True Name Implementation:

Inqud has innovatively added the "True Name" feature in personal accounts, enabling users to use a name that may differ from the one on their official identification documents like ID or passport. This feature is designed to make interactions between Inqud and its clients more personal and comfortable. Developed in response to user feedback and a desire to meet the diverse needs of its customers, this feature replaces the previous system for requesting names, prioritizing client convenience.

This change, although subtle, is significant in Inqud's ongoing effort to foster a welcoming and inclusive financial environment. It recognizes and respects the unique and varied needs of its users, ensuring that everyone can interact with Inqud's financial services in a way that feels right and comfortable for them.


With over seven years of experience in the crypto market, Inqud continues to innovate and adapt, striving to provide financial solutions that resonate with and respect the individuality of each client.

“With these updates to the Crypto Widget and our system, we aim to refine our solutions to meet the evolving needs of businesses in the cryptocurrency space. These enhancements are a step forward in our journey to make financial transactions more efficient and user-centric.” — say Inqud’s Founders.

About Inqud

Inqud specializes in innovative financial technology solutions, focusing on cryptocurrency transactions. The company offers a range of services, including cryptocurrency exchange, crypto widgets, and API integration, characterized by transparent pricing and dedicated customer support.

Discover the future of bespoke payment solutions with Inqud.




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