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Last updated: 29 April 2024


Inqud (“Company” or “we”) welcomes you. This Cookie Policy (“Cookie Policy”) applies to our website (“Website”).

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We are the controller of your personal data processed through the Website. This means that we determine the purposes and means of personal data processing. Pay attention that you can fall into several categories depending on your actions.


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About cookies

A cookie is a small text file that is placed on your hard drive by a web page server. Cookies contain information that a web server can later read in the domain that issued the cookie to you.

Some cookies will only be in usage if you use certain features or select certain preferences, and some cookies are essential to the Website and will always be used.

According to legislation, we can store cookies on your device if they are strictly necessary for the operation of the Website. For all other types of cookies, we need your permission. You can change or withdraw your consent from the сookies we collect anytime.

Cookies usage

We use cookies to ensure everyone using the Website has the best possible experience. We use these cookies:

If you elect not to activate cookies or disable cookies later, you may still visit the Website. However, your ability to use some features may be limited if they are necessary for the functioning of our service.

Necessary cookies

Necessary cookies help make the Website usable by enabling basic functions like page navigation and access to secure areas of the Website. The Website cannot function properly without these cookies.

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Marketing cookies

Marketing cookies are used to track visitors across the Website. The intention is to display relevant and engaging ads for the individual user.

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1 year 1 month

This cookie name is associated with Google Universal Analytics - which is a significant update to Google's more commonly used analytics service. This cookie is used to distinguish unique users by assigning a randomly generated number as a client identifier. It is included in each page request in a site and used to calculate visitor, session and campaign data for the website’s analytics reports. 



1 year 1 month

This cookie is used by Google Analytics to persist session state.

Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies are used to gather information about how visitors interact with a website. These cookies help website owners understand and analyze user behavior, such as which pages are visited most frequently, how long users stay on a page, and what actions they take on the site. By collecting this data, analytical cookies enable website owners to make informed decisions about website design, content, and marketing strategies. 

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1 year

Stores the preferred language or locale chosen by the user on the website.



1 month

A cookie used for user authentication and session management, ensuring secure access to the website's features and content.



1 year

Hotjar cookie used to maintain user session information for analytics and website optimization purposes.



30 minutes

Hotjar cookie used to track user sessions and interactions on the website for analytics and user experience improvement.



1 day

A cookie associated with a specific contest or promotion, storing user preferences or participation status.




A security token used to prevent cross-site request forgery (CSRF) attacks by validating and verifying user actions on the website.



1 year 1 month

A cookie related to a contest or promotion, possibly used for tracking user entries or preferences.


Google – Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google that allows website owners to track and analyze user interaction with their website. It provides valuable insights into website traffic, user behavior, and engagement, helping website owners make data-driven decisions to optimize their site's performance and user experience

Facebook – Facebook Pixel is a piece of code that can be placed on a website to track users' interactions with the site and measure the effectiveness of Facebook advertising campaigns. It enables businesses to monitor conversions, optimize ad targeting, and retarget website visitors on Facebook with relevant ads. Additionally, it provides valuable data for analyzing user behavior and improving advertising strategies.

Hotjar is a web analytics tool that provides insights into user behavior by offering features such as heatmaps, session recordings, and surveys. It helps website owners understand how visitors interact with their site by visually illustrating where users click, scroll, and navigate. Through session recordings, Hotjar allows users to replay individual visitor sessions to identify usability issues or areas for improvement.

Cookie Policy updates

This Cookie Policy is developed according to the General Data Protection Regulation, other applicable privacy laws, and best privacy practices.

Existing laws and requirements for processing personal data are subject to change. In this case, we will publish a new version of the Cookie Policy on the Website.

If there are material changes to the Cookie Policy or the Website that affect your data privacy rights, we will notify you by displaying information on the Website and, if necessary, ask for your consent.

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We and our 2 partners use cookies and trackers to

Some cookies are needed for technical purposes, they are therefore exempted from consent. Others, non-mandatory, may be used for personalized ads and content, ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development, precise geolocation data, and identification through device scanning, store and/or access information on a device.