About us

Inqud is a trusted financial technology company that provides an international payment gateway with a diverse range of crypto & fiat payment methods and currencies, cryptocurrency exchange with our own crypto processing and crypto widget.

Our mission

We are dedicated to provide personalized payment options, avoiding hidden fees and providing 24/7 expert support. Our goal is to improve payment experience for our customers.

Our vision

We strive to be a trusted partner and provider of customized financial solutions, helping businesses and individuals grow successfully in their fields.

About us

Our core values

  • 01


    7+ years of excellent reputation.

  • 02


    Providing personalized solutions.

  • 03


    Knowledge in finance, crypto, tech.

  • 04


    Clear transactions, pricing and policies for better understanding with the client.

  • 05


    Focus on achieving client`s success and supporting his growth.

  • 06

    Growth together

    We work as a team - our success is the success of our clients.

Our landscape

We are actively progressing together with our clients.

  • Worldwide

    crypto coverage

  • European

    license coverage

  • Focus 2024

    Latin America, Africa, Asia


Unique features and approaches that set us apart:


Variety of payment methods

We create and integrate a variety of payment methods, currencies, and solutions to suit your growth journey. Tell us about your goals!

We understand that chargebacks can be a pain point. Our system is designed to help you avoid losses with refunds.

We customize terms and rates for your business. You will always be aware of the exact amount, without hidden or additional fees.

Our priority is open communication, and our professionals are always in touch and ready to help.

Our Features and Approaches that Stand Out!

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