Inqud Unveils Further Innovations: Elevating Transaction Security and Streamlining User Processes

Mar 22, 2024


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    Following our recent enhancements to the Inqud platform, we’re excited to share further updates that continue to prioritize your security and user experience. Building on our commitment to offering robust financial technology solutions, these additional features are designed to streamline operations while maintaining the highest standards of security and flexibility in managing digital finances.


    Additional Key Updates Include:

    • Whitelist Expansion: In addition to the existing whitelist for withdrawals, users now have the ability to add a user ID to their whitelist, enhancing the personalization and security of transactions.

    • Regulated Transfer System: Reflecting our proactive approach to security, free transfer capabilities have been adjusted. Similar to withdrawals, transfers now require confirmation when initiated to non-whitelisted addresses or cards. This confirmation can be completed through email, phone number verification, or two-factor authentication (2FA), aligning with our stringent security protocols.

    These updates underline our ongoing effort to secure and simplify your financial management on the Inqud platform. For any inquiries or further assistance, please reach out to our support team. We remain dedicated to enhancing your experience and ensuring the security of your financial activities in the digital landscape.


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