Streamlining Off-Ramp Processes: Enhancing Accessibility in Crypto Payment Solutions

Sep 22, 2023


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  • Unveiling the Services of On/Off Ramps

  • Navigating the On/Off Ramp Ecosystem

  • In Conclusion

In this exploration, we will delve deep into the functionalities of on/off ramps and their distinctiveness compared to Payment Providers. Our journey begins by dissecting the array of services offered by on/off ramps and subsequently understanding the differences that set them apart from Payment Providers.

Unveiling the Services of On/Off Ramps

An on/off ramp is a multifaceted platform that operates within a triad of pivotal functions: (1) Fiat Pay-ins, (2) Crypto Liquidity, and (3) Fiat Payouts.

  1. Fiat Pay-ins: This facet of the on/off ramp involves the means by which end consumers/users initiate payments using fiat currency. This mode can encompass various channels such as debit or credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or more economical local bank transfer methods like ACH (US) or Faster Payments (UK). The on/off ramp ensures this service through seamless integration with payment service providers (PSPs), also referred to as acquirers.

  2. Crypto Liquidity: The crypto liquidity aspect comes into play when end consumers/users receive crypto in exchange for the fiat payments made through the platform. The on/off ramp establishes connections with liquidity providers like Coinbase Prime, Binance, Kraken, which then facilitate the delivery of crypto to the end users' self-custodial wallets.

  3. Fiat Payouts: Fiat payouts signify the mechanisms through which end users convert their crypto holdings back into fiat currency, a process often referred to as the "off ramp". It's noteworthy that not all "on ramps" include "off ramps" in their array of services.

In Conclusion

In the realm of crypto payment solutions, understanding the nuances of on/off ramps becomes paramount. These multifunctional platforms are the bridge connecting traditional financial mechanisms with the dynamism of cryptocurrencies. Their role in streamlining processes, minimizing risk, and enhancing user experience is pivotal for the crypto ecosystem's sustainable growth.

As we've uncovered the essential functionalities of on/off ramps and distinguished their distinctiveness from Payment Providers, we recognize the critical role they play in optimizing the crypto transaction landscape. This exploration further reinforces that in the evolving world of digital finance, on/off ramps emerge as the pivotal enablers of seamless and secure crypto payments, poised to redefine the way we interact with financial ecosystems.

Inqud is currently in the process of developing an onramp & offramp - as we understand the significance and convenience of these functions within our ecosystem for our clients.




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Oliver Bennet

Cryptocurrency Payment Strategist

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